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Wild Rice

Available for immediate dispatch at

£90.00 per 12.5kg unit delivered to UK mainland - consumers & trade welcome

(Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands excluded - please ask us for a price)

By Arrangement or on a Brokerage Basis

Conventional & Organic Rice:

Arborio Rice

Camargue Red Rice

Carnaroli Rice

Paella Rice

Vialone Nano Rice

Sushi Rice (Koshikikari & Other Varietals)

Wild Rice (Various Grades)

Wild Rice Blends

Dry Legumes:

Black Barley
Black Eyed Beans
Lentils eg. Black Beluga, Lentille du Berry, Pardina
Legume-Based Soup Mixes

Tinned Legumes:

Currently available by the truckload in net weight 400g, 800g and 2550g units (min. 3 pallets per SKU; 19-21 pallets per load):

Baked Beans
Borlotti Beans
Butter Beans
Cannellini Beans
Mixed Beans
Red Kidney Beans
White Tondini Beans

Other Grains &Seeds:

Hemp Seed
Quinoa - wholegrain, smoked, puffed

Flour & Semolina:

Durum wheat semolina
Gluten free
00 flour
Other specialty flour eg. bean, chickpea, lentil & more

Simply Processed:

Pasta (Durum Wheat, Bronze Drawn, Gold Drawn, Gluten Free)
Buckwheat Flour & Pasta
Couscous & Couscous Blends
“Free From”/Gluten Free Products
Israeli/Pearl Couscous
Noodles - Buckwheat, Buckwheat/Matcha, Buckwheat/Yam, Udon

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