Wild Rice

Grade A Californian Wild Rice

This grade A Californian parboiled wild rice is the seed of an annual aquatic grass, Zizania Aquatica, with a unique earthy, nutty taste and great nutritional profile.  It has an impressive grain length and lustrous, black colour.  Low in fat and high in protein, it is an excellent source of phosphorous, potassium and B vitamins.  The fibre content of wild rice is comparable to oats and brown rice.

Wild rice gives texture, flavour and colour to salads, stuffings and side dishes and is fabulous served with meat, mushrooms and more!

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Origin: USA
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About Wild Rice Grading & Processing
The grade of wild rice is determined primarily by thickness and sometimes length, which are influenced by the maturity of the grain when harvested.  Typically the most mature grains from the end of the stalk, are the thickest and longest while the youngest grains are closer to the base of the plant and are lighter in colour, thinner and require a shorter cooking time.

Wild rice is either parched or parboiled which influences the flavour and texture, but not the cooking time.  Our wild rice has been cured, parboiled, dried, roasted, hulled, graded, cleaned and packaged to high quality standards.

Parboiled > re-hydrated by pressure cooking under steam which gelatinises the starch, then is partially dried, tempered and re-dried, resulting in a firm texture and clean, nutty taste. The rich, dark hull houses a white, starchy centre and the grains appear fluffy when cooked.

Parched > dried at high temperatures to remove most of the moisture resulting in a slightly more starchy rice with a roasted flavour.


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