Paella Rice

Paella Rice

“Paella” is a Catalan word which is derived from the Old French word “paella” for pan, which in turn comes from the Latin word patella for pan also.

Flor de Calasparra is denomination of origin controlled paella rice from Calasparra in the south eastern region of Murcia, Spain, which offers the consumer authenticity in terms of the origin and quality.  The varietal, Balilla por Sollana, is a short, round grain rice which absorbs stock and other flavours and holds its shape well during the cooking process.

The town of Calasparra itself, is in the high fertile valley of the Segura River from which water is drawn for the production of this high quality rice.  It has a maximum of 5% grain breakage ensuring the rice cooks evenly.

Flor de Calasparra is available in two packaging formats – a printed calico bag or more economical poly pack.

  • Origin: Spain
  • Carton Capacity: 12 x 1kg
  • Full/Straight Pallet Capacity: 64 cartons
  • Availability: To order in pallet lots


Available Upon Request

Bulk units: Balilla por Sollana; Bomba
Retail units: Bomba

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