Bronze Drawn Pasta

We are proud to be the exclusive agents/importers of this high quality bronze drawn pasta for the UK, Ireland and Australia. Express your interest … With over 60 to choose from, let us know your most popular cuts.

Available year round upon request; Advance Christmas orders close 15 July 2019.

About Bronze Drawn Pasta
Bronze drawn dies (used to produce various shapes) are used traditionally in the production of Gragnano PGI pasta. They are synonymous with quality as they give the pasta a rough surface which allows the sauce to coat the pasta better. By extruding the pasta slowly through the die, excessive heating is avoided and the pasta does not begin to cook, preventing the Maillard reaction (caramelisation of sugars) in the starch. Pasta produced in this way retains its organoleptic properties and its natural porousness, allowing the correct release of starch which is not possible with pasta made using teflon dies. The pasta is then dried at low temperatures (to protect the wheat protein, lycine).

  • Unit Sizes: Cutesy little 125g single portion ‘egoista’ cubes (perfect for hampers) through to 500g packs
  • Origin: Italy (Pasta di Gragnano PGI – Protected Geographical Indication); 100% Italian origin with full traceability system
  • Availability: To order

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